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Claire M. Giordano, DDS Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 313 reviews.
★★★★★ Recommends

The best Dr. Giordano and her staff make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I have never had a problem with her work and have been a patient for 30 years. I highly recommend you try this office for your dental needs. I have recommended this office to numerous people and everyone thanked me.
★★★★★ Nothing better than starting my morning off at Dr. Giordano's office Once again, I am pleased to provide a positive review for an excellent practice. I am not sure how many people enjoy waking up early to get ready for their dental visit but I know that I do. I highly recommend that you make a call to this amazing dental practice. Need some laughs while having your teeth cleaned? Want to sing along to excellent tunes while getting an X-ray? Need a staff that is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile? Please stop by the office of Dr. Claire Giordano. I would love to write more but I need to spend some time admiring my recently cleaned teeth.
★★★★★ Recommends

My recent dental visit was once again a pleasant experience. I never have to wait more than five minutes before I am escorted into the exam room. The entire staff is extremely polite and friendly as they try to make the dental visit as relaxed as possible. We have recommended Dr. Giordano to our family and friends and have never heard of any negative comments.
★★★★★ Recommends

High quality service, professional and friendly

Dr Giordano and her team provide friendly service no matter the dental problem. They do a thorough cleaning and they make sure to follow-up with their patients after major procedures.
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★★★★★ Sets Standard for Dental Care

Consistently excellent dental care!!
★★★★★ Dr. G is the best

Always the best experience
★★★★★ As usual your office did a great job!
★★★★★ Fabulous dental work - No Pain!

I had to fill a cavity today. I went in after pelvic surgery 5 days ago.
I went in to see Dr. Giordano expecting to experience more pain to add to what I currently had. I felt nothing what-so-ever during my filling.
She crushed it! Such a FABULOUS doctor and assistant. They did everything to make sure I did not acquire any additional pain. Easy breezy! Thank you so much!
★★★★★ I had a great visit with Dr.C. Giordano when I was in New York. She suggested that I have a root canal done in Florida because we didn't have enough time to complete the work. She rounded out a sharp tooth and said I should watch the tooth on the bottom right side. She is a wonderful dentist and I wish I had more time to get my root canal completed. I have full confidence in her ability.
★★★★★ Professional & Friendly

Dr. Giordano as always is an extremely thorough dentist
★★★★★ High quality professional and courteous service. The entire staff really cares about my teeth and my oral health!
★★★★★ Dr. Giordano and her staff always make a visit to the Dentist as pleasant as it can possibly be. Today was no exception. Would always and do recommend her to whomever requests a dentist.
★★★★★ Recommend, excellent!
★★★★★ Great Experience

Very Prompt, Easy, and Efficient. All of the staff is very friendly and skilled.
★★★★★ 'Always a good time at this dental office. Who would have thought that one would actually be able to write that they enjoyed their visit to the dentist? At Dr. Giordano's office, one could enjoy great conversation, lovely music, and a staff who gets to really know their patients. Dr. Giordano takes her time and makes sure that each patients needs are completely met. They offer emergency visits and a schedule that is sure to meet even those with crazy lives. I am blessed to know the fine folks who work here and I would highly recommend this office for all of your dental needs. Whether you need a cleaning, an exam, or looking to fix that broken tooth; Dr. Giordano's office is the one to call. The world needs more people like Dr.
★★★★★ Wonderful experience. Always a wonderful experience going to Dr. Giordano's office. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Giordano is the best! She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and gentle with any dental procedures. I always recommend Dr. Giordano to all of my friends!
★★★★★ Painless and Fun Dentistry. Always a fun experience going to the dentist with Dr. Giordano manning the drill. Staff is very good. I always recommend her to my friends and relatives. Thanks for always being there for me on short notice.
★★★★★ Recommends
Always a pleasure, never a disappointment, Dr Giordano and her staff are very courteous, friendly, and professional in their treatment of their patients.
★★★★★ Professional Staff & Competent Dentist! I moved out of state nine years ago and after trying so many disappointing dentists, I came back to New York just for Dr. Giordano and her expert staff to do the work required on my teeth. They never skipped a beat and had kept my old x-rays making it easy to compare them to current x-rays. Her entire staff continues to be the most professional and competent. It's great to be back!
★★★★★ As always, excellent treatment.

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