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Claire M. Giordano, DDS Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 312 reviews.
★★★★★ Professional, Friendly & Pain Free
Always a friendly staff. Keeps very close to appointment scheduling.
★★★★★ I never was a fan of going to the dentist until I met Dr. Giordano.
While I prefer kayaking, hiking, and attending a Bruce Springsteen concert, I no longer feel anxious when I have an appointment. I'm touched that Maureen remembers me at each visit. I've had Darlene as my hygienist for years, and most recently Sylvia. They're simply terrific, easy in, easy out. And, what can I write about Dr. Giordano that probably hasn't been written by all her other patients? She's professional, warm, efficient, and possessed of grace. It doesn't get much better than that.
★★★★★ As always high quality professional service. Been coming to you office for years for both myself and my two, now teenage children. You have always been professional and friendly. In addition everyone of your staff have always taken to answer in detail all of our questions. I highly recommend your services.
★★★★★ Recommends

My recent dental visit was once again a pleasant experience. I never have to wait more than five minutes before I am escorted into the exam room. The entire staff is extremely polite and friendly as they try to make the dental visit as relaxed as possible. We have recommended Dr. Giordano to our family and friends and have never heard of any negative comments.
★★★★★ The best! Every visit is met with professional, friendly and exceptional service. Always satisfied with my results.
★★★★★ Best Dentist Ever

Dr Claire Giordano is a friendly, professional and very patient person.
She is extremely thorough and efficient and understands all my dental phobias. She is simply the best and a real gem! Her staff is also very friendly and thorough.
★★★★★ Looking forward to my next visit !!!!!

Yes, I NEVER thought I would make a comment like that but, going to this dental office is actually a very pleasant experience. The staff is wonderful, friendly and competent and Dr. Giordano is THE BEST.
★★★★★ Friendly and professional atmosphere.

Dr. Giordano is very professional yet she is extremely pleasant and makes you feel very comfortable. Highly recommend her and her staff.
★★★★★ Great semi-annual checkup and thorough cleaning. As always a good experience. :-)
★★★★★ Delightful Dental.

As always, a visit to Claire Giordano is friendly & professional. The staff is always great. They are usually on time so waiting is at a minimum.
★★★★★ Friendly staff and professional service!

Excellent and friendly staff and always makes me feel comfortable.
★★★★★ Excellent doctor and very kind staff!
★★★★★ Sets Standard for Dental Care.

Convenient appointment time. Office runs 'on schedule.' Facility is clean, attractive, well-equipped. Staff is caring, compassionate, competent, communicates well.
★★★★★ There is no better!

I could not ask for more in terms of professionalism, quality of care, warmth and caring with respect to the entire staff. Dr. Giordano has the unique capability to give confidence, assurance, and quality in the dental care she provides. I think that her demeanor and integrity comes through at every point of care in the office. Darlene provided the majority of care (hygienic) to me this past visit and was as thorough and gentle as could be. Maureen, this visit and always makes me feel like a part of the family. There is no better.
★★★★★ I wish every medical office was run like Dr. Giordano's office....

Dr. Giordano and her entire staff are kind, compassionate, thorough, thoughtful and professional. Maureen is the pulse of the office and it runs ever so smoothly and pleasantly. The staff is considerate and never make you wait, because they are respectful of your time commitments.
They are friendly and accommodating, so you feel calm and confident about your care. Dr. Giordano does everything possible to make sure you are free from pain, because she doesn't like it either. Dr. Giordano and her staff are wonderful with children and treat them with warmth, kindness and respect. Dr. Giordano came into her office to see me on a holiday to help me with a painful cracked tooth. I have had cavities filled quite comfortably. She has painlessly, to my surprise, given me 2 crowns. My check ups are taken seriously. My cleanings with Darlene and Silvia, are thorough and gentle. Believe it or not, it is a pleasure to visit this office. They appreciate my family and really care about our well being. We care about them, as well. Dr. Giordano should teach office management skills to other medical professionals. She makes it look so easy, but it probably takes a lot of preparation and work to run such a fine dental office.
★★★★★ Recommends!

I doubt if people will believe this, but there was no waiting, no discomfort during the procedure (a filling) and hilarious entertainment while the work was being done. Dr.G has the best stories! Since everything was done in one visit, I will cancel my evening appointment for 10/27.
★★★★★ High quality services!

Going to the dentist is never a negative when visiting Claire Giordano's office. She has never hurt me yet. Her staff is friendly and professional. Darlene is terrific. When she's finished with me my teeth look great.
★★★★★ Couldn't be better!

Let's face it. No one wants to go to the dentist. But if you have to, this is the place. Never a long wait, everyone is polite and friendly.
The check ups are extremely thorough and everything is spelled out so you know what to expect. The work is done well, efficiently and with the utmost customer care. It's the best and most comfortable dental experience you could have.
★★★★★ Overall excellent experience!

Thorough, professional, caring and friendly! What else could anyone want from a dentist and her staff? It was an overall excellent experience! So grateful to have found this uniquely talented and caring group of professionals! Thank you all for a great visit :)
★★★★★ Thorough, professional, caring and friendly! What else could anyone want from a dentist and her staff? It was an overall excellent experience! So grateful to have found this uniquely talented and caring group of professionals! Thank you all for a great visit :)

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